Importance Of SEO For Small Business

Importance Of SEO For Small Business

Whenever people are searching for a product or service in search engines, generally they have trust in the brands which rank higher on search engine result pages than the brands which are not on the top. Hence SEO helps in creating brand awareness of the particular businesses. If you are a business owner it is good to utilize the services of Search Engine Optimization for your business to gain the potential, qualified leads and customers in order to increase conversions for your business. Every business which is small and large needs to invest in search engine optimization to maximize their organic traffic from most of the leading search engines. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to use SEO in your Digital Marketing Strategy because the businesses which are not having an effective SEO strategy is making a big mistake by not leveraging the benefits of SEO.



How frequently your customers or clients are engaging with your product or service is determined by the brand awareness. In order to build a strong online presence have to create great quality content that follows the best SEO practices and provides relevant information for the users. Search Engines are playing a vital role in building brand awareness as most users will search and trust the brand which appears on the first page of search results rather than the brands which won’t appear on the high place. Hence, building a strong online presence is one of the important aspects of creating brand awareness. Every business which is small or large have to invest in SEO to gain the top rankings in SERPs, will help people become aware of our brand. Users are not able to purchase always but awareness is important at this stage as they will buy our products or services in the near future.


Higher rankings or top positioned website in search engines receive a majority of the traffic in the form of clicks and impressions. In order to rank our website, number one in the search engines has to follow all the strategies that determine the higher rankings in SERPs. The more the rank of our website in the search engines the more increased traffic to our website will be in. Moreover, SEO brings qualified traffic which will be converted into sales more than social media and PPC traffic.


The topmost benefit of search engine optimization is organic listings are actually free. This means we don’t have to pay to google for appearing in the top results of SERPs. Of course, in the initial stage, we have to make an investment in the form of hiring an SEO Agency or expert to perform SEO tasks. After reaching the desired top position in search engines, they will send us quality free traffic to our website. And also just like in paid ads once our budget has been consumed our website traffic will not drop because it is natural organic traffic received by ranking on the top results of Search Engines.


By ranking on high results of Google will bring trust and credibility to the website because people trust Google. If a website is in on top of google people trust it as a number one company. Hence ranking number one of Google equals to building a reputation in online presence. Google enhances the credibility of our business in many ways like quality link building from authoritative websites, active engagement with social media and certain other elements like content & on page SEO.


The search Engine’s main objective is to build a site for the user and not for the spider. That means we have to provide the relevant and related information for the user in the form of integrating the photos & videos, adding internal links, improving website speed, providing user-friendly navigation etc. All these tasks result in reducing bounce rate and keep users engaging with our website, hence results in more clicks and higher conversion rates. And also this is the most important ranking factor too in reaching higher rankings in SERPs.


Search Engine Optimization provides a better Return On Investment than the paid ads. Because if we got 1000 clicks from the paid ads there is only 2 to 3% chance to get those clicks converted into sales. But if we got 1000 clicks from the organic search nearly 6% clicks will get converted into leads. This is the difference between paid clicks and organic clicks. And also once we started to receive the organic traffic from the search engines those results will continue for the long term too! That’s why SEO is the way to cost-effective solutions for generating leads in the long term purpose.


Once our website reaches the top of organic search engine result pages our website got promoted 24/7. Unlike paid ads, once the budget is over, our traffic will not drop because we have achieved top rankings through SEO and not through PPC. The results of SEO will be permanent if we try to maintain the level of SEO efforts unless there are any changes in the Google algorithm. 


So far in this blog post, we have covered the most important benefits of SEO. Wanted to know more information about the benefits of SEO for your business or just wanted to get a free consultation from our SEO Experts, please feel free to contact us here!