HRMS Cloud

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It is an end-to-end HR solution with ease of access and extensive features that give you the advantage of simplifying your daily activities while keeping the fun in HR alive.

  • Employee Directory
  • Monitoring Attendance
  • Leave Tracking
  • Payroll Management
  • Insightful Reports

HRMS is fully scalable Employee Attendance solution and aims to bring a change in the working dynamics of the HR department. This HRMS takes HR many steps ahead by introducing revolutionary features like Cloud Based, Interactive Dashboards, Mobility, customizable modules, etc. Real time updates, instant report generation, automation, etc. are few things that today’s HR crave for and HRMS Cloud sits quite well here. Although some employers want to keep employees at work all the time, they need their fair share of time-off to rest and recuperate. An overworked employee is an unproductive one. Leave management is the process of managing employee time-off requests in a fair, accurate, and efficient way. The responsibility of handling employee vacation requests falls onto the shoulders of supervisors, HR staff, and workforce management staff

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