SAP Services

SAP Services

It is a well established fact that the best-run businesses run SAP. For all its merits, SAP in itself is not a solution. To truly benefit from SAP, you need the support of an expert who can make SAP work for you. SMAC TECHNOLOGY LABS PVT., LTD., with 7 years of experience in providing SAP Business One Implementation, Personas, SAP Fiori, SAP Mobility and ERP for SME services, is your ideal partner towards enhancing your profitability by leveraging SAP’s stellar capabilities with our unique value additions The union of business and technology continues to change how companies operate, communicate, grow and profit.


While the power of today’s integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can deliver significant benefits, there are a number of factors to consider when planning, deploying and managing these solutions. There is a lot at stake, and little can be left to chance. Recent market consolidation has permanently altered the ERP landscape. Many companies who have made significant investments in HR, Financials or other ERP applications now find that those solutions will be dead-ended, and will need to migrate. In this time of uncertainty and doubt, companies need to assess their ERP application roadmap and determine the path which provides them with the best business value and least amount of risk.

CIOs and other executives are being challenged to reduce information technology (IT) costs while simultaneously realizing more benefits from their SAP and IT investments. Lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) has thus become an even more strategic issue. As a value-based provider of end-to-end SAP services, SMAC TECHNOLOGY LABS PVT., LTD. is uniquely qualified to help companies optimize, and potentially outsource, their non-core business systems and processes – helping to reduce TCO, and enabling the reallocation of resources and capital to focus on core business competencies. As a “one-source” partner, we offer a distinctive blend of best-in-class business and technology acumen, well-established IT leadership, plus global reach and stability. These capabilities, supported with a pool of dedicated SAP consultants, proven tools, methodologies, templates & accelerators and supported by a dedicated SAP Practice, are helping SAP clients across a range of industries around the globe achieve their tactical and strategic objectives in a way that affords greater value, lower costs and faster returns – all while mitigating risk.


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