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Social Media Trends To Follow in 2020

Social Media Platforms are occupied as the main source of communication channel among their customers, many businesses are depending on[…]

Social Media Trends To Follow in 2020

Social Media Platforms are occupied as the main source of communication channel among their customers, many businesses are depending on these social media channels for branding their products & services. Social Media Marketers and businesses have adapted to the latest trends in order to develop a greater social media strategy. The effectively prepared social media strategy and advertising plans can present the needs of any business and raise the demand for the product or service they are offering. Here are some key trends of social media that will help to boost your social media marketing strategy of your business.


Most of the people are searching for social media for the actual news about the business, products or services. Once they heard any news they are browsing social media for confirmation about the information. This means people have trust in social media. Whenever they are going to buy any product or service they are first going to check the reviews of the product before going to hit the buy button. As a result brands have to build consumer trust among their audiences and also have to increase engagement ratio.


Influencer marketing continues to expand in social media platforms in 2020 too! Influencers are those who have a large number of followers around themselves and their following will influence their audience over others. Influencers are getting thousands of dollars from brands in the form of sponsorship for their campaigns. As influencer marketing growing top rated influencers are becoming more expensive for small & mid-sized brands. That’s where micro influencers are coming into place for marketing in the limited budget for the brands.


There is no doubt that short and sweet videos will gain more popularity than the long length videos. That’s why video marketing in the form of 20 to 30 seconds videos are successfully spreading the word among the targeted audience and offer the information which text and images can’t. Here in video marketing, it is necessary to prepare eye-catching titles because those titles play the main role in grabbing the attention of the users even before they click the video. Videos are more engaging and interactive and will help in connecting with the audience in a more authentic way hence results in building trust in our brand.


Making use of chatbots in interacting and providing customer service to their audience is becoming popular in 2019. Chatbots are specialized software that acts as a virtual assistant in communicating with the users. In the form of text chats, chatbots will interact with humans in a very natural way. These chatbots are already used by a large number of brands and companies in providing customer service to their audience in 2019 and this use will automatically grow in 2020 too! Because chatbots are more helpful in providing better service, increasing engagement and also in delivering more customized content at the right time. But many chatbots are resulting in not providing great consumer experience hence results in lower business results. Hence investing in the right tools will create a great consumer experience that works for both the consumer and businesses.


As we have already discussed that video marketing is an effective marketing strategy, live video is yet another powerful digital marketing strategy when connected with influencer marketing. Live videos are useful for increasing the quality and engagement of a brand even it is medium sized. Live streaming is becoming more popular across all social media channels yet facebook live streaming is popular among all the other platforms. Going live is the most effective tool for marketers in order to increase the engagement between their audience and building the relationship between the brand and its audience. Live streaming is also another way of building loyalty & trust between the brand and its followers. 


These are the top social media trends to expect in 2020! If you want to know more about these trends or just wanted to discuss about your social media plans then please contact us or call us on +91 9848884378. We at SMAC Tech Labs providing social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions in one place.